Sunday, August 06, 2006

Um, what does this button do...?

Gosh, this Blogger thingy really seems so much easier than writing raw html. I'm setting up this blog up to post a few of my photos and describe how and where they were taken. The blog is mostly for my future self since I know I'll forget their details as time goes by. Okay, I wonder how easy it is to add a picture. Let's see now...

This 2005 photo was taken during a Christmas day walk in the English countyside near the small village of Chilham. I took this shot during the beginning of our evening stroll. I wish we'd been at this spot about half and hour later. It was just before the magic few minutes when the sun starts to set and the light becomes much warmer. Having said that, I'd still quite happy with how it turned out.

Well that was easy. Okay, now what does this "publish post" button do...


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